Ozone and UBI Therapy

Ozone and UBI Therapy is a combined IV Procedure. Alone, ozone is supercharged oxygen and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation gives photonic energy to the body. When combined, they work best together, with studies showing an increased outcome by 20-30%. There are four crucial realities that Ozone and UBI Therapy helps with:

  1. Germicidal; it deals with viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, and developing cancers.
  2. Modulates the immune system; if you have an overactive autoimmune situation or have a lacking immune system, ozone and ultraviolet light are going to help the body naturally balance the responses.
  3. Inflammation; deals with the triggers of inflammation.
  4. Increases circulation; helps carry oxygen and nutrition to the tissues and organs to improve the building blocks you need to heal and repair your body.

These four basic principles get at the root cause of where your symptoms are coming from and allow healing at a cellular level and up. Ozone and UBI Therapy can benefit your life by limiting chronic disease, lessening degenerative disorders, allowing anti-aging, and improving sports performance.

Ozone and UBI Therapy is a very simple procedure. One syringe of blood is drawn from your body. It is added into an IV bag of saline and ozone is added and mixed. The ozonated blood is passed through ultraviolet light as it is received back into your body.

After the treatment, you may fall into one of three categories.

  1. You will have an immediate boost in energy, sleep better, have mental clarity, and less pain.
  2. You may experience a possible headache, achy, brain fogginess, tiredness, and groggy. This is an okay sign; your body is working hard and needs to allow for change!
  3. You may not feel anything. Do not get discouraged, the feeling will come where you will understand the magic that is Ozone and UBI Therapy.

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